Aqueduct Selections for November 19th, 2021

Aqueduct Selections for November 19th, 2021

5 winners out of  9 races  with my A horses winning race 1 9 Conquer The World paying $10.20, Race 5's New Ginys paying $24.20,  Race 6 Saratoga Beauty $3.30, and race 7 -5 Dancing Buck paying $7.00-- while my B horse 3 Kaz's Beach won paying $58.00 in race 3 -- some nice payouts for the winners. Below are the Aqueduct Selections for November 19th, 2021.


The below chart shows the horse’s likelihood of winning a race.  “A” horses are most likely while (B) and (C) horses are not as likely, they may offer more value.  The formation of the (A), (B) and (C) horses is derived from speed of horse, pace potential of race, training patterns, and track conditions.


1 6*,8 9,10
2 3 6,7* 4
3 10*,8 3, 11
4 5* 1,4,8
5 2,7,8* 4,5 3
6 2,7 5*
7 4,9* 7,8
8 3,4 6,7,9*
9 10,9 3,4,5* 6,7
10 1*,8 3,5 10


The Skinny Ticket is the name for a low priced pick 5 ticket that allows for a big payout.  The ticket usually relies on a single selection in the sequence and usually ranges from $18.00 to $75.00 in price. More information on The Skinny Ticket definition and how to play.


The Skinny Ticket Early Pick 5

6,8, 10 W 3,6,7 W 3,10,11 W 1,5 W 2,5,7 = $45.00

With the change in format for racing insights-  We will be highlighting "Best Bets" horse --which means we are still seeking value.  Also, we have added the category "No Chalk" as that will be our quest for even more value.  This change in format may hurt win percentage, but we think it will increase our value.


Best Bet: 6 Spicer -- Brown has this horse primed for a win and has shown talent *

No Chalk:  8 No Labels -- Clement's horse likely to improve -- and rider change to J Ortiz from Rosario should be be a factor.


Best Bet: 3 Adare in best form of life ran tow third places finishes at Del Mar and a second last time out at Big Sandy,

No Chalk: 6 Roman Empire TAP off the layoff with JR -- hope to get 4-1-- the outside TAP horse figures to take more money - 7 Untreatable.*


Best Bet: 10 Gambling Cat lost to Belmont turf loving giggle Factory in last sh0uld be right up there at the end.*

No Chalk: 3 Funwhileitlasted -- if you do not know trainer Brittany Russell, you better cash in on her soon --winning close 40% for the year in MD -- saddled four horses on /Sunday at Laurel and won 3 races and had both half of the exacta in the other entry.  If she gets a chance with some of the high level horses-- sky is the limit.


Best Bet:5  Blewitt gets the easy lead and is the controlling speed -- dangerous!*

No Chalk: 1 Playwright Dylan Davis sticks on this horse after  a troubled start last time out.


Best Bet: 7 O'Gotten Girl is consistent and consistently faster than the rest  TAP +Saez + Speed = Dangerous!

No Chalk: 2 Sport Model - Irad with clement cutting back -- like the jockey change and Clement ha been known to win a turf sprint in his day -- hope to get 8-1!


Best Bet:16 Catching Cupid if draws in ran well on dbut and should be sitting on a big race,

No Chalk: 3 Asap Restoration horse with a good rating for the surface and distance and decent works -- worth a chance at 201 on the ML


Best Bet: 9 Skims Shug has this horse ready to win.*

No Chalk: 4 Quality Control - Trombetta good numbers second out turfers.


Best Bet: 3 Silver Token DePaz and J Ortiz make a better showing this time out.

No Chalk: 4 Magnificent Chrome Trainer Persuad is got horse ready to to win after Exxtop won last out at about 45 to 1. Can anyone say -- key race?


Best Bet:10 Temple the horse ha won and continued to run well in the Morley barn -- faces some tough customers in the 2 Brown entries and would rather have seen him inside as opposed to outside post,

No Chalk: 9 Barker Bay is sent out by Shug and has JR named to ride - interesting but respectable combo.  Both 9 and 10 are the horses to show a win over the Aqueduct turf,


Best Bet: 1 Control Function makes debut for Klaravich / Brown / Irad -- they are frequent visitors to the winner's Circle on the NYRA circuit. Again, I would hate to be alive in a multi-race wager and have this triumvirate beat me.

No Chalk: 8 My Sunny Valentine - usually on the wrong side of trainer John Kimmel but this horse ran well over the sod at the Spa then went back to dirt -- returns to sod today and get J. Ortiz in the saddle -- owner Dennis Drazin is somewhat responsible for online sports wagering in this country -- so a few bucks on his horse seems fair.


Aqueduct Results and Win Percentage:

22 winners out of 37 races = 59%

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