The Skinny Ticket

The Skinny Ticket

The Skinny Ticket Defined:

The Skinny Ticket is a ticket for a multiple race wager like the Pick 3 Pick 4, Pick 5, or Pick 6 in which the total investment is usually less than $36.00 with a potential return of several hundred or several thousand dollars. In the case below, I played multiple vertical and horizontal wagers in Race 6 --an Exacta, Superfecta, Daily Double, and a Pick 3 as well as the Pick 4 making my investment total investment $60.80.  The Skinny Ticket allows for vertical wagers as well as Horizontal wagers.

Mind Control upsets Firenze Fire for a big score on The Skinny Ticket

Above is an example of The Skinny Ticket - $18.00 investment in a 50 cent Pick 5 returns $1,779.50.  The Skinny Ticket Early Pick 5 provides readers with an opportunity to make a big score with a small investment.  The Skinny Ticket provides the horseplayer who loves action the opportunity to play more frequently since the investment is not a couple of hundred dollars.  Also, for those that want to play the ticket for $1.00 or $2.00 you can multiply your winnings without breaking your bankroll.

The Difficulty of Playing Horizontal Wagers

Horizontal players know the difficulty of living through photo finishes that do not go your way, a horse that does not break well, or the long periods of 3 out of 4 or 4 out of 5.  We all have enough stories to tell about the potential payouts that could have, would have, and should have been. The Skinny Ticket provides a way to play and hopefully get to the last leg with a chance for a huge payout -- we all know that exhilarating feeling when there is one or more entries on your ticket in the last leg with a potential huge payout --win or lose setting the table with The Skinny Ticket provides this opportunity. Below is an example of a losing ticket that  gave me a rush of excitement well worth the $15.00 investment.

The Skinny Ticket Alive to 12 Lady Valentine at Belmont Fall of 2021

While the ticket did not win, Lady Valentine gave me a thrill when she raced out to the lead -- The ticket was alive to 12 Lady Valentine for $1,900.75 when a win bet on her would not have returned $5.00.

Heading to the Races with Friends

Have your friends form a cartel for the horizontal wager.  Each person provides ten dollars and if there are 4 of you you have a $40 to take The Skinny Ticket and possibly add horses.  If your group is bigger or if the group chooses to make the ante larger $15 or $20 per person, you have an even greater chance of winning big with The Skinny Ticket.

A Bad Way To Approach Horizontal Wagers

My friend gets depressed over those losses.  Playing horizontal wagers will provide potential long periods of losses.  After all, he does not see the loss based on what he invested; he calculates the loss on the potential payout.  For example, if he invested $50 on a 50 cent pick 5 wager and is alive in the last leg with a entry paying $2000, he believes he lost $2000 instead of the $50 he invested. That's no way to feel good about horse racing.

Remember to wager what you can afford and combine with friends when you have a group to play the Pick 4 and Pick 5 tickets. By using my selections as a guide to help make your ticket, you just may have a much more rewarding day than winning $40.00 on a $10.00 Win bet.