About Principal


If you have found this page, you will soon realize I am horse player like you.  Over the past thirty plus years, I have spent nights and mornings reading the Daily Racing Form, tried different handicapping products and strategies with some success and a lot of losses.

No matter though, I am in the game searching for the big score but smart enough to know it will probably always be one horse away. I have my share nice wins and plenty of "bad beats."

Nevertheless, I look forward to every minute of the studying the form, making my notes, and watching the races. Because there is nothing as exciting or as fun as horse racing.

My friends and I talk about the NY and FL jockey/trainer colonies as if they are our friends. We talk horses, argue about horse ancestry, pull money together, build horizontal wagers, and escape to the world of the racetrack every weekend. I will share our wagering adventures pre and post race weekends.

Additionally, I will share my weekend selections for the NYRA circuit and switch to Gulfstream for the Championship Meet in the winter. I will also provide product reviews on different handicapping products as well as reviews of horse racing / betting books.

Finally, I started this page to share my insights, wins and bad beats with fellow horseplayers. After all, my wife just does not appreciate the stories of an excitement of a big score or the anguish of the bad beat. Only a fellow racing fan can truly appreciate either of them.

I truly hope you not only enjoy the stories and the characters but also learn from our wins and even more from our losses.

If anything helps you to a winner or, even better, a big score -send me a message.  It will be much appreciated. I promise to celebrate or commiserate accordingly!

Yours in racing!

The Principal