Sometime Life Gets in the Way

Horse Racing is Life

On Ted Lasso, Dani Rojas smiles and says, "Futball is Life."  For me, Horse racing is life, but Saturday morning posed some challenges, and  after I missed a pick 4 and the late pick 6 by one horse on Saturday, I decided to take what my friend RC calls a "hiatus" on Sunday.  I kept my money in my account and will add to my bankroll for Florida Derby Day on Saturday 03.27.21.  Some days no bet is the best bet you can make. After all, this weekend will be a non-stop hoops and horseracing bonanza offering plenty of chances to earn and learn. However, I'll still  be treading lightly this weekend knowing a bigger race day is the following week. Unfortunately, 3/28/21 will conclude the Gulfstream's Championship Meet. Yet, its conclusion only means a move back to the northeast and away from the Big "A" and over to Big Sandy. Also, Triple Crown season begins in six weeks.

Lesson Learned:

As much as I would love Horseracing to be life and as much as Dani Rojas continuously echoes his mantra "Futball is Life," we need to realize that Horse racing and Futball are merely distractions from our life.  The track and the stadium or the TV just serve to take us away to our special happy place.  We all need those moments or when we are fortunate, those afternoons to escape life's problems.  But, in the end, it is our family that is our life.

I'll have a "lesson taught" out later this week (working on images).  I apologize to those following if you were waiting for a post on Sunday.

Looking forward to an action-packed weekend!

The Principal