Saratoga Selections for 7/21/23 (Friday)

8 winners on a chalky day yesterday, but we did have 2 It’sallcomingtogetha in the last race as one of our “No Chalk” plays.  Provided the Early Pick 5 that returned $436 dollars on a $64 dollar Skinny Ticket.

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The below chart shows the horse’s likelihood of winning a race.  “A” horses are most likely while (B) and (C) horses are not as likely, they may offer more value.  The formation of the (A), (B) and (C) horses is derived from speed of horse, pace potential of race, training patterns, and track conditions.


1 9,6 5,7 Off turf:9,10
2 6 1,3
3 7,3 5
4 3,4 5
5 1,3 7 Off Turf:15,14,13
6 9,2 Off Turf 13
7 5,9 6
8 6,3 7
9 4.1
10 1,11 Off Turf: 12


The Skinny Ticket is the name for a low priced pick 5 ticket that allows for a big payout.  The ticket usually relies on a single selection in the sequence and usually ranges from $18.00 to $75.00 in price. More information on The Skinny Ticket definition and how to play.


The Skinny Ticket Early Pick 5

9,6,10W 6,1 3 W 7,3,5 W 3,4,5 W 15,14=$81.00


WIN BET 9 Foxhole Ward may be the best at getting these babies out of the gate and to the lead. 10 Sam’s Treasure entered at MTO

NO CHALK 6 Every Four Years Trainer Clement good with first time starters and turf sprints


WIN BET 6 Headland The L Rice / J Ortiz winnings keeps on rolling.

NO CHALK 1 Braganza Trainer Kennally does well with Saez in the saddle


WIN BET 7 Classic Mark winner last time out and continues the winning ways for Linda Rice

NO CHALK Portos hoping to get a win for Trainer A. Chickakly - more than capable!


WIN BET 3 Blazing Sevens seems to be an improving horse for Brown with big expectations

NO CHALK 4 Scotland Mott saves his best for this meet

RACE 5 See Chsrt Above for OFF TURF

WIN BET 1 Bankingonachance Clement and Pratt on the turf!

NO CHALK 3 Ripe for Mischief and Sinola for Trainer Linda Rice

RACE 6 See Chart Above for OFF TURF 

WIN BET 9 Catch that Party likes the Spa Turf Maker not winning as much as previous years

NO CHALK 2 Danzigwiththestarz horse for course and with the inside position may be able to save ground


WIN BET 5 Abadan Trainer Pletcher still one of the best with these young horses

NO CHALK 9 Coalville expensive baby with good first time out speed figures, but still see Brown as better not eh green


WIN BET 6 Bright Future throw out last race and TAP has another capable of the win; like 2 Speed Bias with Saez riding for Moquett- may go under the radar with Pletcher and Brown horses in here.

NO CHALK 7 Artorus Brown but again caution on the dirt


WIN BET 4 Liguria I like that Pratt rides this one for Brown

NO CHALK 1 Queen Picasso will be overlooked with the presence of the Brown's horses. As always bet the longer half of the uncoupled Brown entries -- worked last time when Whitebeam ran down In Italian.

RACE 10 OFF TURF see chart above

WIN BET 1 Bourbon Chase Pletcher and Irad in the finale

NO CHALK 11 Stop On The World it is not easy to win from way outside but TGaff for trainer Donk .


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