Gulfstream Selections for 1/31/2024 (Wednesday)


Sunday's card produced almost all double digit winners including some boxcar winners. Our Sunday chart provided the winners for first three races and the winning pick 3 paid over 300 bucks for a 50 cent wager, but it would have cost 27.50 to include all of the chats horses!

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The below chart shows the horse’s likelihood of winning a race.  “A” horses are most likely while (B) and (C) horses are not as likely, they may offer more value.  The formation of the (A), (B) and (C) horses is derived from speed of horse, pace potential of race, training patterns, and track conditions.


1 7,5 2 3
2 2,1 9 7
3 7,6 3
4 1,6 5
5 2,9 5,11
6 8 2,1,4
7 2,5 7,3
8 2,3 4,7 5
9 9 6,5,2


The Skinny Ticket is the name for a low priced pick 5 ticket that allows for a big payout.  The ticket usually relies on a single selection in the sequence and usually ranges from $18.00 to $75.00 in price. More information on The Skinny Ticket definition and how to play.


The Skinny Ticket Early Pick 5

7,5,2,3 W 2,1 W7,6,3 W1,6 W2,9,5 =$72.00


Win Bet 2 A Place for mom makes all kinds of sense here.

No Chalk 5 Glossy Life adds blinkers and gets lasix -a key angle with the combo


Win Bet 2 Super Crunchy Paco and Trombetta closed out Sunday's card with a 50 dollar winner making sur=face change

No Chalk 9 Fight Till Dawn playing anything Trainer Ralph nicks saddles this


Win Bet 7 Dream knight loses Paco but picks up JJ and remains logical

No Chalk 6 Double Play King Pitcher's best friend watch 1 fort attitude try to steal race on front end  -speed is king at Hallandale!


Win Bet 1 Fontina and 6 Castallana are logical plays

No Chalk 5 Umbral is another meeting the adding blinkers and getting lasix angle and love ML at 15-1


Win Bet 2 Delahaye JJ rides for trainer chad Brown 1/28 at the meet -- this has to turn around at some point

No Chalk 9 Texas Shuffle trainer James Toner must n=be respected!


Win Bet 8 Grand Soiree will vie for 1 for the lead -- if Paco lets 8 go unchallenged race is over

No Chalk 4 Wind Ninety Nine will be closing late


Win Bet 2 Skip The Line and 5 Bail Us Out go out for TAP -always dangerous

No Chalk 3 Team Captain  is another fitting our add Blinkers and gets lasix angle.


Win Bet 2 Harry Hood jockey Johnny V  goes to lead and holds on to win

No Chalk 5 Jamestown JJ makes the difference. -- a good bet at ML 10-1


Win Bet 9 Whitby the fourth horse fitting the adds blinker and gets lasix angle!

No Chalk 5 He's A Butte the minister of speed on the lone experienced speed horse go Jaramillo!