Lessons Learned: Wood Memorial Day 4/3/2021

Lessons Learned

I began the post by stating expect the bluebloods of trainers (Brown, motion, Maker, Pletcher, and Mott) to have a big day.  Then I added, "Pletcher and Mott on dirt and Brown on the turf" at the bottom of my selection page.

In the Pick 6 sequence, race 6, Saffie Joseph wins the first leg, a 7 furlong dirt sprint, with 4 Mischievous Alex.

In the second leg, Brown wins the 1 mile and 1/16 turf race with the 5 Flighty Lady.

In the third leg, race 8, Mott wins the 1 mile and 1/8 Dirt Race with the 5 Modernist and Pletcher's 1 Haikal rolls up for second.  Mott and Pletcher 1-2 on the dirt.

In the fourth leg, race 9 Brown wins on the dirt with the 8 Search Results at 1-5 odds while Mott's 5 Always late was just that finishing. fifth.

In the fifth leg, race 10, the 1 mile and 1/8 Wood Memorial on the dirt, Pletcher runs 1-2 with 3 Bourbonic paying 146.50 to win and 5 Dynamic One paying 15.40 to place while the 2.00 exacta returned 906.00 -- Read my other post on strategies including playing the Longer Half of an uncoupled entry as highlighted in my March 17th blog: Three Racing Angles: To Play or Not To Play

In the sixth and final leg, a 1 mile and a 1/16th maiden claiming on the outer turf, Saffie Joseph's 8 Michael's Bad Boy won as the logical favorite.

Sadly, I did not follow my own advice and a well-constructed 19.20 pick six ticket seen below returns 0 for 5 out of 6 correct!


Pick 6 and Pick 4 plays- I realized the favorites were vulnerable in the Wood. I played Pletcher 5 Dynamic One and Mott 7 Candy Man Rocket, but did not include the other Pletcher 3 Bourbonic - $1049.00 mistake!