Interesting Trainer Angle Plays

Interesting Trainer Angle Plays

"Raising Hope" on a "Chance" Meeting to win "Comma Money"

Fox television had a television show about the Chance family raising their teenage son's child, Hope-- "Raising Hope." The family all lived together - mom, dad, son, baby and the mom's mother.  Dad and son cleaned pools while mom cleaned houses and they barely made ends meet.  In one episode, the mom earns a promotion, and when the dad discovers her new salary, he immediately quits his job cleaning pools because he says, "You are making comma money."

Well, yesterday a "Chance" meeting with Uriah St. Lewis led to my winning "comma money."  But before I tell that story, indulge my interesting trainer angles that led to making the bets I did in the Salvator Mile.

Interesting Trainer Angles

Several years ago, my friends and I started playing horses whose trainers are at the track especially during weekdays.  In many cases, a trainer's assistant handles the saddling during the week or for non-stake race days.  This angled worked well at Parx and Monmouth, but most trainers show up in Saratoga even during weekday races. So we decided to update the angle to trainers dressed-up. In other words, if the trainer is in a suit, we figure he is tipping his hand.  We have won on days when Anthony Dutrow and Joe Sharp were dressed to the nines  at Saratoga.   Eventually, we started to stake out seats near the paddock and we added the angle of dressed up trainer's wives.  We figure they are coming to the races to get their picture taken.  In 2020, this angle played out well in Gulfstream prior to the Pandemic.

However, we should also be cognizant of the only one horse running all day angle.

A Chance Meeting Returns 1,267.20 (Comma Money)

Yesterday at Monmouth Park, Uriah St. Lewis entered only one horse the number 5 Informative in the Salvator Mile.  In an interesting coincidence, I ended up in line behind Uriah at the NJ Racing Commission Office earlier that morning.  Uriah was dressed in his work clothes, jeans and boots, and was completing his paperwork to renew his NJ Trainer's license. I pointed him out to my wife --she was unimpressed, but I said we have to bet on his horse today.  Again, she placated me and my horse racing by nodding and saying, definitely.

Since I saw Uriah and that he had entered only one horse for the day -- I decided to add it to my play.  While NY Traffic would be the favorite, I like the 10 Pirate's Punch at a price, and I always like to include Pletcher horses at a price.

Prior to the race, Uriah is in the paddock with his son, except now Uriah is wearing a suit. He looks more like an owner now.  HMMM, could this be one of my interesting trainer angle plays come to life?

Informative was 30-1 on the morning line.  I bet my money back special on the 10 Pirate's Punch, and bet 5 to win on the 3 and the 5 Informative.  Then, I decided to play the 5 Informative in an exacta with the 7 NY Traffic along with the Pletcher horses. Finally, while they are loading the gate, I wanted to make certain I covered my interesting trainer angle again and placed 3 dollar Win and Show bet on 5 Informative.

Well, Informative runs past NY Traffic in the last furlong to win by a length at 79-1.  NY Traffic holds on to Place to return 298.70 on a one dollar Exacta (I had the exacta twice  for a total of 597.40).  My 5 dollar win bet on informative returned 404.00 while my 3 dollar Win / Show bet returned 265.80.  What a way to end the day!

A chance meeting returned 1,267.20, "Comma Money".